Digital Mapping

As well as selling paper map products Ordnance Survey Ireland through its agent NMS-MWM also licenses the use of it’s data for a wide range of computer based applications such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Digital data carries additional capabilities such as being linked to other information databases, providing a powerful marketing and decision making tool in business, professional and educational sectors.

Data is available in both raster and vector format on a variety of media to suit most customer needs.

Vector data consists of a series of nodes stored as x,y co-ordinates that define line segments. These line segments when joined form map features such as roads, buildings and rivers.
Vector datasets have all features coded or multi coded to represent topographical features. They are available on the Irish National Grid with 2D co-ordinates in metres (3d in some datasets). This vector (point and line) data can be displayed at any scale with individual layers capable of being omitted or individually shown. The current OSI datasets consists of 179 levels and can be supplied in a standard 35 levels as required. They can be supplied in DXF, DWG and NTF format.

Raster data provides a map image formed by a matrix of pixels arranged in rows and columns which can be displayed on a computer screen.

OSI digital data is supplied on a licensed basis upon acceptance of OSI standard term and conditions of supply and completion of Ordnance Survey Ireland Agreement. All data is subject to initial supply charge which includes licence fee for year one, and subsequent annual licence fees as published from time to time.

Ordnance Survey Ireland maps, data and publications are protected under the terms of the Copyright Acts of 1963 and 1987. Standard data licensing arrangements allow unlimited internal business use of OSI digital data. If a requirement exists for external use (e.g. supply to third parties or publication of map data) a separate licence agreement with OSI is required. If you have such a requirement please discuss with OSI.

Digital Map Types
• Gazetteer and Vintage Mapping
• Prime and Place Data
• Discovery Data
• Holiday Data and Digi-Ireland
• Digi-City
• Digi-Boundary and Plane Views
• Webmap